Quick & Tasty Broiled Lobster Tails

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This happened tonight!

Quick and tasty lobster tails :)  This was my first attempt at cooking such, and it turned out soooo good for the first time.  Besides buying the lobster, it is a fairly cheap meal as you can find the rest of the ingredients easy within your own kitchen.  Check out the recipe deets after the break! Continue reading →

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The Start of my Scambaiting & 419 Scams

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A while back, I had decided on making an scambaiting website.  I bought the domain name and made the blog, but never worked on it too much before allowing it to expire.  But this time, I’m going to give it a more serious go part-time on my own personal blog.  Lets call it The adventures of Tenille’s Scambaiting, perhaps lol.

Before I get started on scamming the scammers though, I wanted to get people aware of the popular scams out being used frequently today.

I will start with 419 scams.  Ever heard of that?

If you have an email address, you have likely gotten an email from perhaps an Nigerian businessperson who has managed to secure a large quantity of money. They are willing to share the bounty with you, normally 10-20 percent of the total amount, if you help them sneak it out of the country.

You exchange the occasional email, and then it happens. You get a request from the person for a sum of your money, normally less than $10,000, for various purposes like bribes and filing fees. If you send them some, you will get a request for more and more, but you will never see anything from the other person.

This is the classic Nigerian 419 Scam. The 419 is the Nigerian Law Code for this particular scam. Essentially, desperate men and women buy and sell email addresses from people across the world and send mass emails hoping to ensnare someone in their trap. You, as the other party, will do nothing more than drain your own account and hurt your family in the long run.

Since most email programs have spam and junk filters, rarely do people see the emails any longer, but there are a few key items to be aware of if you think it is a scam.

1. Emails in ALL CAPS
2. Email from a stranger in Nigeria or another country
3. Promise of a percentage of an incredible sum of money

Should you get one of these emails, simply delete it and move on. Finding and capturing these would-be thieves is difficult if not impossible. It is best to leave it alone.  In my case though, I’ll be trying to fool and play with the minds of some of them to see how far I can go. Continue reading →

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Afro-Vegan Cookbook Packs A lot of Flavor

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Let me start by saying that I am the farthest from being a vegan, but for some strange reason, I was very attracted to the cookbook entitled ‘Afro-Vegan‘, so much so that I just had to order it!  The following is my personal review of the book by Bryant Terry.

This book covers a very wide variety of seasonings, entrees and main dishes with a Caribbean, African and Southern American/ethnic vibe – such traditions of the African Diaspora will inevitably have tons of flavor and are mostly packed with a lot of spice and heat!  I could find nothing within Afro-Vegan‘s pages that seemed bland or boring.  There are several recipes that include tofu, but the book is so vast that it seems like only a handful of dishes.

I personally crave foods with an African background and Terry doesn’t disappoint.  Everything within the book seems to have that particular feel to it, including the Muscovado Roasted Plantains, Savory Grits with Low Cooked Collard Greens, Creole-Spiced Plantain Chips and the Peanut Stew with Winter Vegetables and Cornmeal Dumplings.  On the flip-side though, a lot of the recipes tend to to be long or require a lot of ingredients and there really aren’t many “quick” meals that you can fix when you don’t have much time to prepare on your hands.  One good exception – the Heirloom Tomato Salad and Basil Sea Salt.  Each recipe I named I’ve also tried myself and had no problems or issues following the instructions.  The turn out was always flavorful and had a beautiful presentation! Don’t be afraid to pick up this book simply because it has “VEGAN” on the cover, trust me, that’s not the way to judge if something is going to be good or not. Try it out, taste for yourself and then decide. My intuition tells me that you won’t be disappointed :) Continue reading →

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A Quick Visit to the Toledo Zoo

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A view from the overpass walkway.

A view from the overpass walkway.


So it was a spur of the moment thing for my daughter and I!  Being that it was a beautiful Friday afternoon with perfect weather for the idea, I picked up my child early from her classes so that we could have at least a couple hours worth of time to walk the huge park that’s located off of the Anthony Wayne Trail. The Toledo Zoo, located on 2 Hippo Way in Toledo, Ohio, was just voted the United States #1 zoo via USA Today this past May 23rd.

I’ve always enjoyed coming to the Toledo Zoo yet have not had the chance to see every single exhibit in one visit.  At this time, there is a new flamingo exhibit as well as a penguin exhibit too that is pretty cool to check out.  For those interested, if you are a Lucas County resident you can get in for free on Monday mornings (holidays excluded), while normal admission prices are $15 for adults, $12 for children under 12 years old and seniors – two dollars off for Lucas county residents.  Hours of operation are 10 am – 4 pm daily after this memorial day weekend.

Check out some of the awesome pics I took via my iPhone at the zoo.  These include a venomous snake that acted like he wanted to break clear out of his enclosure, and a monkey who just beat me several times in a staring contest! lol. Have you ever been to the toledo zoo? Do you enjoy going to such places? Leave a comment for me, I’d love to hear from all of you!

This Francois Langur can  beat anyone in a staring contest! lol

This Francois Langur can beat anyone in a staring contest! lol

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3 Places I Want to Travel ASAP

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Me in front of the entrance of Paris Nord (Gare D Nord) in Paris. One of six terminus stations.

Me facing opposite of Paris Nord (Gare D Nord) in Paris. One of six terminus stations there.

I consider myself a newly born traveler, having been only to a handful of countries and there are still a ton of places I really want to go to and explore.  I’ve traveled to many states in the US and I love sight seeing in America but there is something about stepping out of the box and my comfort zone and really going someplace where everything is new and different that is most memorable to me!  Trips like that really excite me.  Here today, I will quickly detail a few places I have yet to see for myself and am really anxious to go. Every trip you take will make it’s own different impressions on you.  Some will be more positive, negative or will tug at your heart strings more than others.  Whether travelling with a group or doing something spur of the moment and on your own, each experience you have outside of your home country is bound to be incredible or fascinating in one way or another.  I honestly don’t have the greatest memory about a lot of things, but I will never forget my travels to France & the UK for example.


The London Eye. I should have rode this ferris wheel, but I didn’t.

So, in saying all of that… there are still 3 places I feel I need to go.  A bucket list sort of deal!  I couldn’t list in any particular order but here they go… Continue reading →

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I went Skydiving ya’ll!!

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Tenille Galloway 033

Earlier today, I jumped out of a plane at 11,000 feet.  Can ya’ll believe it!?  I’m sooo proud of myself, especially because when I’m not strapped down to a seat while airborne, or in the comfort of a plane, I’m personally very… very… VERY afraid of heights.

However you want to say it- jumping out of a plane is pure craziness.  I place this idea on the same pedestal as bungee jumping, scaling a mountain, running with bulls & swimming with sharks. Why would anyone wanna do a thing like that?  A lot of folks, especially my family, have said that it is the dumbest thing I could ever think of doing, and to be honest, it really was.

Despite all of the hoohaa, I’ve always wanted to try skydiving at least once.  The idea really started sounding like something good to do the sooner my 34th birthday approached, because of so much stress I’ve been through in the last 5 months.  From death to detectives to emergency surgeries and more, I feel like the idea of jumping out of a plane while that high would give me the opportunity to scream, cry and leave all my worries up there in the clouds.  Sort of like a stress-reliever in some weird, daredevil type of way!

My plan was to make arrangements to do the darn thing on my birthday – which was in April, but that didn’t pan out too well and I finally got the chance to book a reservation a few weeks later. [CLICK ON CONTINUE READING BELOW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY AND MORE PICS] Continue reading →

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